Elexio Launches Essentials Suite Of Church Software

By The Elexio Team - February 15, 2016

Elexio is proud to announce the new Essentials Suite, featuring two new products in the Elexio lineup: Essentials Community and Essentials Giving.

Essentials Community

Community is a new a-la-carte, web-based church management software package that enables churches of any size to manage their church from any device. The Community ChMS was developed to serve the churches that want to ramp up quickly by taking our out of the box solution and begin managing and engaging members immediately.

Learn more about this new church management software (ChMS).

Essentials Giving

Giving, another a-la-carte piece of the Essentials Suite,  is a standalone online giving solution for churches. The Essentials Suite Giving tool empowers churches to leverage technology that can increase giving and make it easy for church goers to give from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Learn more about this new online giving tool.

Not Done Yet

Elexio will be adding more products in the near future, both to the Essentials Suite and some new standalone products. Subscribe to the Elexio Insider Intel newsletter, or follow our blog for coming announcements.

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